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helpful links

www.sfhg.org  The official website of St. Francis/ Holy Ghost School

www.ewtn.com  Listen live to Catholic radio or watch TV on your computer.  Also access archived shows to watch or listen to or download.  There is a question and answer forum as well as other information regarding the faith. 

http://www.covenantnet.net/  Listen on-line to Catholic radio free.  Don’t just be a Catholic, but really BE A CATHOLIC.

www.catholicscomehome.org Website specially designed for fallen away Catholics.

www.catholic.com  Great question and answer forum available.  Also many resources to help lead others to the full truth of Jesus Christ and His Church.  Apologetics based information.

www.pope2you.net – Connect with our beloved Pope and his message particularly to our youth.  Access Facebook applications, iphone messages, virtual postcards, Wikicatholic, the Vatican’s YouTube site, etc.

www.biblechristiansociety.com  John Martignoni’s website for Catholic apologetics, explaining and defending the faith.  Free CD’s are available as well as downloadable catechetical texts.  John also offers a free weekly newsletter.  John may be heard on EWTN.

www.michaeljohnwitt.com Listen to or download 171 programs of Church history from King Herod to JPII by Church historian Fr. Michael Witt of the St. Louis Archdiocese.  The most recently recorded  is a series of 48 programs involving early Church history.  They include 12 generations of 40 year time periods starting at 30-70AD.  Learn how the early Mass is essentially the same today.  Learn about early martyrdom, the saints, the popes, the crusades, kings and nobles, Muslims, Wars, Early Christendom (AKA Europe), the early university system started by the Catholic Church, the history of Protestantism, the French Revolution, the Industrial Revolution, Hitler, WWII, Vatican II, Communism, the Middle East, etc. complete with timeline.

www.salvationhistory.com  Scott Hahn’s website instructing in the Catholic faith.  Bible study courses and downloadable talks are available.

www.chnetwork.org  Marcus Grodi’s website for Protestants and others away from the Catholic Church.  Marcus also has an on-line store where you can purchase his CD sets on the history of the Catholic Church from the time of the “Reformation” until the present.  Marcus Grodi is heard regularly on EWTN.

www.catholicconvert.com – Steve Ray’s website.  Steve Ray is also known as Jerusalem Jones who travels throughout the Holy Land, Rome, and other religious sites explaining the Catholic faith and its history.  Steve has a wonderfully entertaining style.

www.ignatius.org – for more information on the Catholic faith, especially to access Catholic resources, such as books and movies.

www.lighthousecatholicmedia.com – Access hundreds of talks on CD or MP3 format by some of the greatest theologians and apologists of the Catholic Faith from the past and present.  Amazing CD’s to listen to or send to friends and family.  Lighthouse Media is also involved in parish ministry providing parish CD kiosks.  CD’s available in English and Spanish.

www.dio.org  The website for the Diocese of Springfield.

www.dio.org/whycatholic  Connects you to the Springfield Diocese question and answer forum.  Allows you to ask questions regarding the faith, particularly as they arise at Why Catholic?.  Question and answers will be archived for future reference by others.

www.usccb.org  Research and download US Conference of Catholic Bishop materials and information.  Also may contact the USCCB with questions.

www.vatican.va  The Vatican’s website.  Papal and ecclesial documents may be found here.  Also information on visiting the Vatican and any other church related information.

www.masstimes.org  Find out what time Mass is held at various parishes around the country.

www.usccb.org/nab/index.shtml  Mass readings for the day, includes audio, text, and downloadable podcasts.

www.ecatholic2000.com On-line Bible, Catechism, and Canon Law with search feature for quick reference. Complete guide to RCIA, many classic books written by saints, apologetics to defend our faith, chat and discussion forums, Liturgy of the Hours, the writings of the Early Church Fathers until AD 325, Catholic news services, and Catholic e-cards. You can also access Papal Encyclicals and Church documents, the documents of Ecumenical Councils, Home Bible Studies, etc.

www.omegarock.com on-line Catholic pop-rock Station!

www.salvationhistory.com Scott Hahn’s Bible Study, podcasts, etc.

www.catholic-pages.com Access a wide range of Catholic information including Church documents, books, audiofiles, The Catholic Encyclopedia, web links, Catholic articles, daily Mass readings, Feast Days, saints, Bible studies, etc.

www.americancatholic.org Access the saint of the day, Catholic e-cards, Catholic news, books and magazines, audio books, meditations, Spanish ministry, politics, bioethics, Franciscan radio, Catholic movie reviews, etc.

www.avemariasingles.com A great singles website for Catholics.

www.catholicsingles.com A great singles website for Catholics.

www.catholicity.org Mary Foundation’s website for free CD’s including Fr. John Corapi and Scott Hahn’s conversion stories and Fr. Larry Richard’s famous and inspiring Confession tape (Wow!).  Also includes a “best links” for other Catholic websites including an online Catechism and Catholic Encyclopedia.

www.rockingromans.com – Hear the latest in Catholic music for the young and young of heart.  New artists as well as tried and true favorites are featured.  You can sample and download music. 

www.4marks.com – a Catholic social networking site .

www.WordofGodToGo.com – a site where you can purchase the RSV-Catholic and the New American Bibles on a USB Flash Drive for the price of a Bible.  Have the Bible accessible wherever you go

www.courtshipnow.com/enter.html - A website promoting chastity until marriage.

www.catchat.ca – Access children’s CD’s.  Help your child learn the faith in a fun way they can understand.

http://store.sunrisemarian.com/merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=SFNT&Store_Code=sun – An array of Catholic CD’s, DVD’s, Bible Studies, etc.

www.vla.udayton.edu  Access Adult Faith Formation on-line course opportunities for only $40 per class.  May acquire CEU’s and certification.  Affiliated with the Springfield, IL Diocese and many others.

http://americancatholic.org/e-News/Default.asp  Free e-mail newsletters for Catholics about spirituality, Catholic e-cards, Catholic saints, free Catholic product samples, Catholic catechetics and Catholics on the Internet.

http://www.catholiclinks.org/NoFrameenglish.htm Link to a multitude of Catholic websites on about every topic imaginable.

http://sacredspace.ie Offers prayer including the Pope’s intentions in 20 different languages.

www.retrouvaille.org. help for troubled marriages. Want to rebuild your marriage into the warm and welcoming place it was on your wedding day? Learn how at the next Retrouvaille Weekend for couples with troubled marriages  (Don’t let financial difficulty stand in your way. Retrouvaille can work with you.) For confidential information, please call Beth and Dave at (314)837-8576, or call toll free 1-800-470-2230.

www.headlinebistro.com news website run by the Knights of Columbus

www.salvationisfromthejews.com Roy Schoeman’s website with information regarding the Jewish relationship with Catholicism

www.fathersforgood.org Knights of Columbus website on fatherhood

www.menandabortion.info website to assist men in dealing with abortion

www.noparh.org Post-abortive counseling. Project Rachel

www.focusonline.org website of the Fellowship of Catholic University Students (the “Events – Student Conferences” 2008 YouTube video on the website contains our own Caroline Holmes)

www.thereasonforourhope.org website of Fr. Larry Richards, includes podcasts of some of his inspiring and energetic homilies

www.hanm.org Hard as Nails Ministry as seen on MTV.  Justin Fataca sets souls on fire for the Lord!  Check out this website.

www.kofc.org official website of the Knights of Columbus

www.joansrome.wordpress.com website full of information on current events at the Vatican

www.zenit.org Catholic world news as seen from Rome

www.dads.org - Steve Woods’ website for fatherhood.  Home of the Covenant Keepers. Online resource for dads.

www.familylifecenter.net - Steve Woods’ website for faith and family.  Information on building strong marriages, Catholic singles, cohabitation, help for hurting marriages, how to avoid pornography, college life, how to avoid marrying a jerk, how to choose a Catholic therapist, as well as access to Steve’ Catholic radio programs and conferences.  Also find information and resources for homeschooling.  Men’s on-line small discussion groups particularly for those trying to avoid pornography. Also job hunting advice.  Links to many other sites.

www.catholictherapists.com – a website to help Catholics search for Catholic therapists.

www.sjcnc.org University of Illinois’ Newman Center website.  Many great links and information on Catholic college life.

www.drbo.org searchable Douay-Rheims Bible online

www.priestsforlife.org many, many resources regarding abortion.

www.silentnomoreawareness.org for those ready and willing to speak out about their abortions so others don’t make the same mistake

www.postabortionpain.com home of Safe Haven

www.youroptions.com Short true stories to help people struggling with the issue of abortion.  Women hear the struggles and joys of other women who are or had been in a similar situation.  Stories are told from various prospective and can be forwarded to others.


www.rachelsvineyard.org for post-abortion healing

www.hopeafterabortion.com Project Rachel’s website for post-abortion healing